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Sarry Koren-Gur is the co-founder of FYI. She is responsible for  business development and clients' relationship at FYI. Mrs. Gur is an information specialist with over 15 years of experience in research, analysis, and information collection. She served for more than three years in an IDF intelligence unit and worked as a Senior Forensic Intelligence Analyst for over 7 years at Global Justice Group (MM-Law).

Shahar Koren is the co-founder of FYI. He is the head of research at FYI. Mr. Koren is an analyst, who specializes  in information collection on individuals and companies. Mr. Koren served for over 18 years as senior Intelligence Officer in the Intelligence and Security community of Israel.

Nir Eilon is a senior analyst at FYI. Mr. Eilon specializes in economics and data analysis. His past experience includes working at the Bank of Israel as an economist analyst, and at the Israeli Ministry of Health as an economist and budget manager.   

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