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Our Services & Products

Business & Competitor Intelligence
  • Profiles on individuals and companies.

  • Monitoring competitors.

  • Lead generation.

  • Market Research.

  • Information for Due Diligence and Compliance reports.

  • A periodic newsletter service (daily, weekly, monthly).

Operative Intelligence & Information Security Reports

  • Internet-based reliability and credibility checks on board members, executives, emploees and clients.

  • Security reports on the status of information leakage originating from within the company.

  • Actionable Intelligence Reports for businessmen and companies that operate in high risk environments.

  • Monitoring services on terrorists’ groups for organizations and communities.

Lectures and workshops

Lectures, workshops, professional training in the field of Open Source Intelligence, such as:

  • Facebook vs. Fakebook: Locating & identifying individuals in Cyberspace.

  • Can't find it on GOOGLE - so what now?

  • Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are: Analyzing connections on Social Networks.

Our Clients

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Our Clients
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Meet FYI

Why choose us

We have more than 18 years of experience in the fields on Information and Intelligence. Our experience allows us to  provide you with outside-of-the-box solutions.

We focus on personal approach: our reports are not shelf reports, we talk to our clients in order to understand their unique needs and priorities.

We make decision making much easier and smoother for all levels of management, by covering your information gaps.


The information and analysis we supply, help you save money… or make it!

What we do 

We provide our clients with the highest quality of information, research, analysis, and Business Intelligence services. 

We specialize in creating profile reports on individuals and companies, with emphasis on:

  • background checks

  • credibility checks

  • business/employment history 

  • legal history

  • mapping connections

  • company structure and major shareholders 

  • SWOT analysis

Our work is based on open source information (OSINT); we do not utilize illegal methods such as hacking, phishing, information theft, etc.

We pledge to apply our best professional skills for our projects and to full confidentiality towards our clients.

Who are we

FYI is a joint venture between Information Specialists and former Israeli Intelligence Officers.

Sarry Koren-Gur is the co-founder of FYI... read more

Shahar Koren is the co-founder of FYI... read more

Nir Eilon is a senior analyst at FYI...

read more

our services and products


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